Art Therapy Studio is a non-profit organization with a 50+ year history of providing art therapy in a safe space for all people. We serve those seeking healing, wellness, and self-care, including serving individuals from historically underserved populations.  

Our Mission

Enhancing the quality of life for all people through art therapy.

Our Vision

To be a leader in establishing art therapy as an acceptable, affordable, and accessible approach to healing, wellness, and self-care.   

Our History

In 1967 Art Therapy Studio was co-founded by art therapist Mickie McGraw (d. 2023) and psychiatrist George Streeter, MD (d. 2013). The idea for the studio developed out of Dr. Streeter’s and Mickie’s long-time interest in art as a healing tool, as they both dealt with serious physical illness as children. While working at Highland View Hospital, which is now part of the MetroHealth system, Dr. Streeter met Mickie and soon approached her with his idea to open an art studio in the hospital as part of the rehabilitation department. Since that point the studio continued to grow and expanded services to patients who were discharged and offered services to members of the community. In the 1990s Art Therapy Studio moved out of the hospital and into our current Fairhill Road location. During our 50+ years of existence we have provided innovative therapeutic art programs to more than 50,000 people throughout Cuyahoga and neighboring counties in a variety of settings.


    We develop relationships and facilitate art interventions between credentialed art therapists and our client-artists, employing a strengths-based, trauma-informed approach to activate the clinically proven healing benefits of artmaking. Our aim is to empower those we serve to reach their full potential without the burden of financial barriers to accessing mental health services. While the actual cost to fund a participant in just one of our 10-week programs is $700, our commitment to affordability, supported by generous contributions from our benefactors and contributions to the Christine M. Treu Scholarship Fund, allows us to offer these transformative services at our Studio in the Fairhill Partners Building for a nominal fee of just $175. Acknowledging the diverse economic circumstances of our client-artists, we have provisions for those undergoing extreme financial hardships to further reduce this fee to as low as $43! Our dedication remains unwavering in ensuring equitable access to the healing powers of artmaking.


    We employ Board-Certified/Credentialed Art Therapists to work with individuals, groups, and collaborate with community partners. We respond to the unique needs of our community by providing therapy that promotes mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and social connections in a virtual and in-person settingWe strive to provide equitable and accessible services by offering fee reductions to remove economic barriers to participate in our community art therapy programs. We elevate and increase our clientartist visibility in the community by providing opportunities to engage with new audiences. 


    We believe art therapy should be accessible to all because we believe that promoting mental health and wellness promotes healthy communities. Art therapy is an effective tool for individuals coping with addictions, trauma, bereavement, mental health diagnosis, serious injuries, acute and chronic illness, continual stress of homelessness and economic insecurities, depression, and even managing life’s day-to-day stresses. By removing the stigma often associated with seeking therapy, we can empower individuals to take ownership of their own wellness. 


    We operate within Northeast Ohio and our art therapists specialize in providing treatment for individual wellnessaddictions and mental health, hospital-based inpatient and residential services, veterans, individuals with physical and developmental disabilities, kinship families, incarcerated youth, seniors, youth group programswomen and children in transitional housing, economically disadvantaged individuals, LGBTQIA+, and employee/personal wellness. If you are interested in services for an organization you represent please click here.  

ATS Board of Directors

Diane Weidrick, President

Marilea Campomizzi, Vice President

Carmen Alcorn, Secretary 

Sara Rufo, Treasurer

Marcus Glanton

Deanna Hamm

Jason Hutchison

Matthew Perlman

Brad Reed

Richard Robinkoff

Marques Williams 


Annual Reports


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