On April 13th, 2022 long standing Board Member and supporter Christine M. Treu died suddenly. Chris served on the board of Art Therapy Studio for over a decade and was our acting Vice President at the time of her passing. She was best known for hosting lovely holiday parties for staff and putting together the Annual Art Loan Benefit which raised money to support the mission of Art Therapy Studio. She was a wonderful artist and had a natural talent for decorating and entertaining, making her the perfect host for our Annual Benefit. She had tremendous dedication to the mission of Art Therapy Studio and her warm smile and leadership will be dearly missed by our staff, board, client-artists, and all who knew her.

Understanding that cost can sometimes inhibit individuals from seeking essential mental health services, Art Therapy Studio has always been committed to offering programs at reasonable prices. However, despite these efforts, some individuals still find the cost of participation to be a barrier. In recognition and continuation of Chris Treu’s dedication to the mission of Art Therapy Studio — “to enhance the quality of life for all people through art therapy” — we’ve established the Christine M. Treu Scholarship Fund.

This scholarship fund aims to eliminate these financial barriers. While the actual cost to fund a participant in just one of our programs is $700 per10-week session, through the generous contributions from supporters, we can offer these services to our client artists for just $175. Furthermore, we recognize the varied financial situations of our client-artists; hence, for those facing extreme financial hardships, the fee can go as low as $43.75. Beyond assisting those with income-based needs, the Christine M. Treu Scholarship Fund also ensures that our first responders, non-profit and frontline workers can access art therapy at a fixed 25% reduced rate.

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To find out more about our income-based fee reductions for client-artists in need and to find out if you qualify for a reduced rate, please click here.