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Welcome to The Art Therapy Studio, where creativity meets healing. We specialize in offering customizable, fee-for-service programs designed to meet the unique goals of your organization. Whether you’re a hospital, health & human service agency, school, or business in Northeast Ohio, we’re here to support you.

Why Choose Art Therapy?

Art is a powerful tool for personal growth and healing, suitable for a wide range of individuals and groups. Art making facilitated by skilled professionals, individuals can explore emotions, develop coping skills, and enhance self-awareness in a safe and supportive environment.

Our Services

We offer two main types of programs tailored to your needs:

  1. Art Therapy: Our master’s level clinicians are trained and credentialed art therapists, specializing in facilitating art-making within a therapeutic context. Guiding participants on a journey of self-discovery, expression, and healing, our art therapists help individuals explore emotions, develop coping skills, and enhance self-awareness in a safe and supportive environment. Priced at $400 per session, art therapy sessions involve structured therapeutic interventions led by our experienced art therapists. Through individual or group sessions, participants engage in art-making as a means of processing emotions, addressing trauma, and achieving personal growth. 

  2. Therapeutic Art: In addition to our art therapy services, we offer therapeutic art programs led by our expressive art specialists. These professionals are skilled in fostering creativity and self-expression through art-making, focusing on the process rather than specific therapeutic goals. Therapeutic art sessions are ideal for team-building, stress reduction, and promoting well-being in diverse settings. Priced at $300 per session, our therapeutic art programs provide a more flexible approach to creative expression. These sessions focus on the process of art-making rather than specific therapeutic goals, making them ideal for team-building, stress reduction, and fostering creativity in a variety of settings.

Why Choose Us?

At The Art Therapy Studio, we’re committed to providing the highest level of care and expertise to our clients. All our staff hold national credentials from the Art Therapy Credentials Board, ensuring proficiency and dedication to the field. Before starting any sessions, you’ll work closely with our Clinical Director and assigned art therapist to establish clear goals tailored to your organization’s needs. If you are unsure whether art therapy is the right fit for your clients, you can click here to learn more about art therapy and who it can help

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re interested in bringing the transformative power of art therapy to your organization, we invite you to fill out our online inquiry form or contact our Clinical Director, Cheryl Pete, at Upon submission, Cheryl will reach out to arrange a meeting and discuss potential collaboration.

Join us in unlocking the healing potential of art. Together, we can create a brighter, more vibrant future for your organization and those you serve.


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