ATS Staff 

Administrative Staff


Michelle Epps
Executive Director

Cheryl Pete, MA, ATR-BC
Clinical Director

Art Therapy Staff


Kim Gazella, MA, ATR-BC
Studio Coordinator Studio Coordinator ✉


Amber McElreath, MA, ATR-BC                              Internship Coordinator Internship Coordinator ✉

YDM Headshot 3

Yesamine DeLeon-Mettee, MA, ATR-P
Latinx Program Coordinator


Briannia Love, MA, ATR                          Ceramics Coordinator


Ami Chevali, MA, ATR


Carrie Coblentz, MA, ATR


Gabrielle Cooper, MA

matthew koshar

Matthew Koshar, MA, ATR-P

Diane Troyer

Diane Troyer, MA, ATR-P

Michelle Starling- ID photo

Michelle “Starr” Starling, MA, MEd                         Mickie McGraw Fellowship to                          Diversify the Field of Art Therapy

What Does It Take to Be An Art Therapist?

A master’s degree is required for entry level practice in art therapy from institutions of higher education recognized by regional accreditation bodies approved by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. The minimum educational, professional, and ethical standards for the profession are established by the American Art Therapy Association. The American Art Therapy Association’s Education Committee establishes the Educational Standards used by the Educational Program Approval Board (EPAB) to review art therapy masters programs for compliance and accreditation.

Educational requirements include theories of art therapy, counseling, and psychotherapy; ethics and standards of practice; assessment and evaluation; individual, group, and family art therapy techniques; human and creative development; multicultural issues; research methods; and internship experiences in clinical, community, and/or other settings.

At the Art Therapy Studio, we employ credentialed art therapists to influence change through art making within the context of a therapeutic relationship in accordance with the following professional regulations mandated by AATA.


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