Lacy Talley

 Fall 2023 Featured Artist

Rose Quartz: The Lady of Guidance

 Lacy Talley

Crowned with a halo of Rose Quartz, this Crystal Lady radiates love, compassion, and emotional healing. Rose Quartz represents unconditional love and acts as a gentle guide in matters of the heart. This bust is one of four in Lacy’s growing series called the Crystal Collective. Each Crystal Lady is a visual embodiment of a strong, resilient, proud, and fearless woman. Lacy’s intention is to celebrate the remarkable qualities and inner strength that define these women, while also paying homage to the rich cultural heritage they represent.


Inspired by the women of South Ndebele in Africa, Lacy incorporates the concept of elongated necks into the Crystal Ladies. In the South Ndebele culture, neck rings symbolize wealth and status. However, Lacy reimagines this tradition, infusing it with a deeper meaning. For her Crystal Ladies, the elongated necks signify a wealth of self-awareness, understanding, and love. It represents the innate strength and personal growth that comes from embracing one’s true self.


Lacy Talley, a Cleveland-based artist, brings a burst of color and eccentricity to her acrylic paintings, capturing the essence of otherworldly beings with a playful grace. In her most recent works, Lacy delves into the captivating world of crystals and their healing properties, infusing her pieces with their mystical energy. Each brushstroke becomes a conduit for the vibrations and transformative power that crystals offer, creating a visual symphony of color and intention. With a fusion of Afro Futurism and Surrealism, Lacy’s artistic journey embraces the ethereal allure of crystals, inviting viewers to explore their own inner realms through her art. Her vibrant palette, unique perspectives, and crystal-infused creations breathe life into every canvas she touches. Beyond her studio, Lacy has made a mark as an Art Director, collaborating with renowned names like Spotify, Moet Hennessy, and Cadillac. Her work extends beyond campaigns and presentation decks, as she recently partnered with Maker’s Mark for their Art & Soul Program, showcasing emerging Black Creators who leave an indelible mark on the world. Lacy’s creative prowess also extends to being one of the designers behind the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Social Justice Champion Award and the Cleveland Summit location marker, developed in collaboration with the National Basketball Association and the Marcus Graham Project.

As a Creative Director, Lacy has curated captivating shows and exhibitions, including Cleveland Collabs, Nucleation, and Crystallize, where art becomes an immersive experience. Passionate about nurturing young talent, she shares her knowledge and love for upcycling as an art educator, working with the Center of Arts Inspired Learning and Karamu House. Her dedication to artistic expression and community engagement has earned her a spot in the upcoming Heights Art Collaborage Group Exhibition, showcasing her work from August 18 to October 15, 2023.

Lacy Talley’s art is a vibrant tapestry that reflects her creative journey and her commitment to making the world remarkable with her unique vision.