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Arts & Advocacy Art Opening

Arts & Advocacy Art Show in the Dr. George Streeter Gallery

The theme of Art Therapy Studio’s Client Artist 2023 Art Show is “Arts & Advocacy.” The works on display demonstrate how art is used in community and personal advocacy. The following images are of individual works created by various artists.

The art show also includes collaborative artworks created by client artists in partnership Cleveland Treatment Center.

[Artist: Adrianne Title: No Really… I’m Fine.] This creative piece depicts the image of our deepest internal expressions that we tend to ignore. Attending to our mental state of mind is self-care. It’s okay to not be okay.
[Artist: Alexandria Cheri Daniels Title: Love]
[Artist: Kara S. Title: Neurodivergent] This piece is about embracing and supporting the wide array of neurodiversity or ways of thinking & behaving. The fact that there is nothing wrong! It’s just different than neurotypical, it’s beautiful.
[Artist: Jena Jeter Title: Jena’s Fantasy World]
[Artist: Scott Mars Title: Soaring Eagle] Our minds need moments of creating & utilizing our intuition. They need to make use of the positive influences in & around us.
[Artist: Dionna Nichols Title: Anhedonia]
[Artist: Courtney Rak Title: My Voice] This represents my way of communicating. People need to listen with their heart.
[Artist: Eddie Brown Jr. Title: Personal Shield] When you have lots of things that you are going through & need some self-protection… it’s always good to have a personal shield to protect your well-being.
[Artist: Mizzlovie Title: Unbreak] This piece represents how abuse & negativity affects the heart and how positive things can help the heart to heal. Each side of the heart represents the different emotions that either bring heartbreak or help to bring happiness to our lives.
[Artist: Sarah Marinelly Title: Consumer: Cancer, Obesity, Diabetes & Illness]
[Artist: Lacy Talley Title: Growth]

Cleveland Treatment Center Collaborate Artworks 

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heART of Gold II

heART of Gold II: an Evening to Benefit The Christine M. Treu Scholarship Fund 


Last year, Art Therapy Studio mourned the loss of an important member of our Studio family, Chris Treu. In her honor, we hosted our inaugural fundraiser. This year, we are proud to announce the Second Annual heART of Gold event, as we continue to celebrate the legacy of our dear friend. Chris was renowned for her exceptional party-hosting abilities, and in an effort to honor this talent, we will once again be presenting the heART of Gold: an Evening to Benefit The Christine M. Treu Scholarship Fund. Join us at Michael Angelo’s Winery on Broadview Road in Richfield for an evening of heavy hors d’oeuvres, wine, and raffle baskets as we reminisce and honor the life and legacy of Chris Treu.

All proceeds from heART of Gold will contribute to the Christine M. Treu Scholarship Fund, established last year, to support low-income client-artists with the costs of transformative art therapy sessions.

Parking is free and recommended dress is business casual, but you are more than welcome to dress however you like. Tickets are only available in advance, no door ticket sales available. 

Bronze Heart Supporter

Bronze Heart Supporter


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Silver Heart Supporter


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Heart of Gold Supporter

Heart of Gold Supporter


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Bronze Heart Supporter Level Includes

  • 2 tickets
  • Website recognition for supporting the Christine M. Treu Scholarship 
  • $250.00 of your ticket is tax deductible. If you do not attend, 100% of your ticket is tax deductible.

Silver Heart Supporter Level Includes

  • 2 tickets
  • Website recognition for supporting the Christine M. Treu Scholarship Fund 
  • Digital media recognition
  • $1,250.00 of your ticket is tax deductible. If you do not attend, 100% of your ticket is tax deductible.


Heart of Gold Supporter Level Incudes

  • 4 tickets
  • Website recognition for supporting the Christine M. Treu Scholarship Fund
  • Digital media recognition, and special thank you at the event
  • $4,500.00 of your ticket is tax deductible. If you do not attend, 100% of your ticket is tax deductible.

Double your impact, make a matching gift today! 


Double your impact with a matching gift. Donate to the Christine M. Treu Scholarship Fund and have your gift generously matched by the Treu Family up to $25,000! Every dollar will support making art therapy accessible to those most in need.

All heART of Gold: an Evening to Benefit The Christine M. Treu Scholarship Fund tickets will be matched to support the Christine M. Treu Scholarship Fund.

Raffle Baskets 

Purchase tickets for your chance to win one of our fabulous raffle baskets! Tickets are $10.00 each, or 5 for $40.00. You could win one or more themed baskets with admissions to local attractions, luxury items, and gift cards to area restaurants and stores. 

"A Journey Through Baseball" Raffle Basket

"Nothing like home..." Raffle Basket

"Autumn!" Raffle Basket

"Rustic Charm!" Raffle Basket

"Glass Rocks!" Raffle Basket

"Movies, Theater, and Popcorn!" Raffle Basket


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Full Time Community Art Therapist

Full Time Expressive Art Specialist

In response to the rising awareness of art’s therapeutic value in non-clinical settings, we see an uptick in its integration within schools, libraries, and senior centers to bolster social-emotional learning and mental health—making art an increasingly recognized, accessible means of enhancing well-being without the stigma often associated with traditional therapy. The arts serve as an inclusive solution, particularly where healthcare costs and socio-economic hurdles limit therapy access. Ohio’s educational standards have evolved to highlight the need for social-emotional learning, and our community-based art interventions are aligned with these goals. Our innovative art services support the wider community and enable Art Therapy Studio’s seasoned therapists to focus their specialized skills on providing clinical care. This strategic division ensures that we comprehensively address a variety of needs, fostering emotional growth and stress reduction through creative engagement for all age groups. 

The field of art therapy offers a unique avenue for individuals to utilize creative expression as a therapeutic tool. However, there exists a significant challenge in terms of diversity and attrition within this profession. The high requirement of a Master’s degree in Art Therapy often limits who can afford to enter the field, creating financial barriers that deter many talented individuals. At Art Therapy Studio, we recognize the importance of addressing these issues and are trying to actively implement initiatives aimed at increasing diversity and reducing attrition. 

To tackle the lack of diversity, we have created a Full-Time position that allows individuals with Bachelor’s degrees in Art Therapy to gain practical experience under the supervision of credentialed art therapists in non-clinical roles. Additionally, we aim to offer guidance in helping them pursue their Master’s degree in Art Therapy while they are employed at our organization. Through our mentorship, we can ensure that aspiring art therapists receive the necessary support while maintaining ethical practice standards. By implementing these initiatives, we hope to make the field of art therapy more accessible and inclusive, allowing a wider range of individuals to harness the healing power of creative expression. 




Pay: $39,520/Year 



Position Overview

Art Therapy Studio is a community-focused organization dedicated to promoting wellness, personal growth, and emotional well-being through expressive arts and art therapy. We believe in the power of creativity to heal and inspire, and we are seeking a passionate and dedicated Expressive Art Specialist to join our team. 

We are looking for an enthusiastic Expressive Art Specialist with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Therapy to lead therapeutic art programs within our community. This role is not focused on delivering art therapy services but rather harnessing the healing potential of creative expression to promote emotional well-being and personal growth among our client-artists.  

Key Responsibilities

  • Design and facilitate a variety of expressive art programs for client-artists of the community. 

  • Create a safe and supportive environment that encourages creative expression and skill building. 

  • Collaborate with other team client-artists to integrate expressive arts into our wellness programs. 

  • Provide guidance and support to participants, helping them learn and practice new skills using art. 

  • Maintain a well-organized and stocked art studio, ensuring that all necessary materials are readily available. 

  • Evaluate and assess the impact of art programs, collecting feedback to continuously improve offerings. 

  • Stay informed about best practices in expressive arts and related fields. 

  • Be knowledgeable about scope of practice and its limitations, and only work within personal scope of practice, referring clients to a higher level of care within or outside of the organization as needed


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Art Therapy is required. 

  • Experience working in therapeutic or community-based settings is preferred. 

  • Strong knowledge of various art forms and their therapeutic benefits. 

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. 

  • Empathetic and compassionate, with the ability to work with individuals from diverse backgrounds. 

  • Priority given to individuals with a Certificate from an Accredited Social and Emotional Learning Program. 

  • Strong administrative, organizational and time-management skills. 

  • A commitment to ethical and professional conduct. 

  • Proficiency with Microsoft Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Sharepoint, and Excel Required 

Physical Demands

The employee may be required to sit, use their hands for grasping or handling objects, reach with their arms, and perform movements such as stooping, kneeling, crouching, or crawling, while also being able to, themselves or through an interpreter, hear and communicate verbally. The employee must occasionally lift and/or move up to 25 pounds. Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision, distance vision, color vision, peripheral vision, depth perception and ability to adjust focus. Reasonable accommodation may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. The noise level varies, and the art therapist must be able to adapt to high and low noise environments. 

How to Apply

Please submit a resume and at least 2 professional references along with a letter outlining your professional goals. Each requested document should be sent as a separate pdf to info@arttherapystudio.org with the subject line: “Full Time Expressive Art Specialist Application_Your First Name Your Last Name.” Please attach and label each pdf file according to the following example: “Resume First Name Last Name”   

Preference will be given to applicants who are able to receive a recommendation letter from a past employer, professor, or internship supervisor. Preference will also be given to applicants who have satisfactorily completed an internship with Art Therapy Studio. 


Notes about the Selection Process

The interview process will include 2 rounds of interviews. If you are selected as a candidate, we will contact you via email to schedule your first interview. The first interview round will be with ATS’s Clinical Director and you will be asked to share an art task you have designed to work with participants to a group program. If the candidate is successful in the first interview, they will be advanced to an interview with the Executive Director before the final candidate is selected.

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Art Therapy Summer Camp

Art Therapy Summer Camp 

Each week of camp is run by a registered art therapist Carrie Coblentz who will assist your child in fostering their creative self-expression using art materials, while working to enhance social skills, problem solving skills, increase coping skills, self-regulation skills, and impulse control, and a sense of self-worth.

All Summer Camps are $150 per participant per week. All sales final.

Sign up for one week or all 6 weeks!

Perfect for kids entering kindergarten through kids entering 4th Grade.


Complete list of camps below.

Pre-registration is required. Click Here to Register.

 Recycling & Art

 JUNE 19 – 23, 9am – 12pm

Save the Earth, you say? Yes! This week we will be focusing on reusing materials that were once made for something else. Got old CD’s, paper towel rolls, water bottles? All week long we will be using these materials to create unique works of art.

Register here

 Famous Artists

 JUNE 26 – 30, 9am – 12pm

Want to experience how some famous artists create their art? This week we will be learning about glass artists, painters, quilters, and illustrators! We will try our hands at painting like Jackson Pollock, making simulation glass sculptures like Dale Chihuly, and illustrating our own books like Eric Carle, to name a few.

Register here

The Art of Making Books

JULY 3 – 7, 9am – 12pm 

Have you ever wanted to write and illustrate your own book? This week will be all about making our own books. From paper bag books to accordion books, flip books to folded paper books, there are endless possibilities for creating a place for your stories to come alive!

Register here

Wooden Sculptures Week

JULY 10 – 14, 9am – 12pm

Calling all architects! Do you love to design and build towers, create your own buildings? This week campers will spend the entire week working to create their own wooden sculptures, including painting!

Register here

Art & Nature

 Science & Art

JULY 17-21, 9am – 12pm 

After exploring outside each day, we will then bring our natural treasures inside to create some nature inspired art. Leaf printing, sun prints, tree rubbings, are a few of the ways we will bring nature and art together!

Register here

JULY 24-28, 9am – 12pm 

This week there will be experiments galore! What happens when you mix oil and water and paint? How do you make green, purple, and orange? We will see how gravity and paint work with and against each other. Finally, we’ll end our week with mixing the ultimate art experiment to make—fluffy slime!

Register here

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heART of Gold

heART of Gold: an Art Auction and Benefit in Honor of Chris Treu 

Orange Autumn Sale Flyer Landscape

Earlier this year Art Therapy Studio lost an important member of our Studio family, Chris Treu. To celebrate the life of our dear friend we will be hosting our Annual Fundraiser in memory of her. One of the things Chris was best known for was her excellent party-hosting abilities, and to (hopefully) honor this talent we will be hosting heART of Gold: an Art Auction and Benefit in Honor of Chris Treu at Michael Angelo’s Winery on Broadview Road in Richfield with heavy hors d’oeuvres, wine, a silent art auction, and raffle baskets. Please join us on this special day as we remember the life and legacy of Chris Treu.

All the proceeds from heART of Gold will be put into the newly created Christine M. Treu Scholarship Fund to assist low-income client-artists in covering the cost of participating in life-changing art therapy. 

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Tickets must be purchased by November 4th. No door ticket sales. No refunds on all ticket purchases. 

The Silent Art Auction for this event will go live on November 4th at 8am to allow for early bidding. The Silent Art Auction will close at 8pm on November 10th. All artwork must be taken home the night of the event, or arrangements must be made the day after to arrange a pick up time to retrieve the artwork from Art Therapy Studio. You do not need to be present at the event to bid on the auction items, but please keep in mind we will not be delivering or shipping any artwork. 

Become a sponsor of Art Therapy Studio’s heART of Gold: an Art Auction and Benefit Honoring Chris Treu at Michael Angelo’s Winery on November 10th, 6-9pm and receive awesome perks!

All sponsorships come with that warm fuzzy feeling you get when making a real difference in someone’s life!

Sponsorships must be purchased by November 4th to receive benefits listed below. 

Nickel Sponsorship Level ($250)

Nickel Sponsorship Level ($250)


  • 1 ticket to heART of Gold
  • Name or logo on event promotional materials
Bronze Sponsorship Level ($500)

Bronze Sponsorship Level ($500)


  • 2 tickets to heART of Gold
  • Name or logo on event promotional materials
Silver Sponsorship Level ($1,000)

Silver Sponsorship Level ($1,000)


  • 4 tickets to heART of Gold
  • Name or logo on event promotional materials
  • Verbal recognition during the event
Gold Sponsorship Level ($2,500)

Gold Sponsorship Level ($2,500)


  • 4 tickets to heART of Gold
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  • Name or logo on ATS website for 1 year
  • Name or logo recognition on ATS publications for one year


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