Individual & Family Art Therapy Sessions

Art Therapy Studio is pleased to announce that we are now accepting appointments for private one-on-one sessions with an art therapist. No referral is required. We offer these individual sessions to both children and adults. 

Please be advised, all new clients are asked to visit Art Therapy Studio for a “Meet & Greet” tour with our Studio Coordinator before any art therapy is administered. For more information for first time participants and new clients follow this link. 


Our art therapists are specially trained to promote change through involvement in art making within the context of a therapeutic relationship.  A master’s degree is required to practice art therapy. An art therapist who completes an additional 1,000 hours of supervised clinical work may become a registered art therapist (ATR).  Further certification is earned by passing a national exam to become Board Certified (BC). Art Therapy Studio will provide an art therapist with a minimum of a master’s degree. All art therapists are supervised by a Board Certified art therapist. 

Individual Art Therapy Session Rate: $80 per session

Low Cost Option for Individual Art Therapy with an Art Therapist in Training

Art Therapy Studio works with Graduate and Post Masters art therapy students who are enrolled in established training programs. These students may assist in art therapy sessions under the supervision of an assigned art therapist so that they may learn about using art therapy with the public. With this arrangement art therapy students can provide individual art therapy sessions as a low cost alternative. This option is based on availability and the schedule of the student. 

Art Therapist in Training Individual Art Therapy Session Rate: $5 per session (during your “Meet & Greet” tour be sure to indicate to the art therapist that you would like to work with an intern)

To inquire about Individual Art Therapy Sessions please click here. 

At this time we are only able to offer Distance Individual Art Therapy to people living in the State of Ohio. 


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