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24 x 24: a virtual art-a-thon and auction

Art Therapy Studio presents (2)

November 13th, 5pm to November 14th, 5pm

Art Therapy Studio proudly announces “24 x 24: a virtual art-a-thon and auction” as our Annual Fundraising event for 2020. The event will begin on November 13th at 5pm and will conclude, 24 hours later, on November 14th at 5pm. 24 x 24 will begin on November 13th at 5pm and will conclude, 24 hours later, on November 14th at 5pm. The event will feature 24 artists creating new works of art with artists rotating every hour. At the end of the hour the artwork will be up for auction on our website, along with 24 classic pieces from Art Therapy Studio’s George Streeter Art Collection.

24 x 24 will be streamed on our Facebook page. Pop in for your favorite artist (time table will be provided shortly) and ask questions or send encouragement through our page moderators.

This event is FREE but we encourage viewers to purchase “Un-tickets” to the event to help us achieve our fundraising goal!

Artists interested in participating can sign up for a one-hour time slot by clicking here. Please be advised there are only 24 spots available and participation is first-come first-served.

All proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards funding future art therapy needs for the community.

Consider becoming a sponsor for 24 x 24! Click here to find a comprehensive guide to what special perks come with your event sponsorship. Purchase your Sponsorship Package today by clicking here

Check out our artist line-up below!


Mickie McGraw 5:00 PM
Kristen  Cliffel 6:00 PM
Liz Maugans 7:00 PM
Jeffrey Vano 8:00 PM
James Quarles 9:00 PM
Amber McElreath 10:00 PM
John Hill 11:00 PM
Emma  Anderson  12:00 AM
Robert  Hill 1:00 AM
Dante Rodriguez 2:00 AM
Mike Klein 3:00 AM
Martha Stitt 4:00 AM
Robbie Grodin 5:00 AM
Ami Chevali 6:00 AM
Seema Rao & Joe Ionna 7:00 AM
Nike Olabisi-Green 8:00 AM
Megan Smith 9:00 AM
Sarah Bullington 10:00 AM
Reginald  Williams  11:00 AM
David Santovin 12:00 PM
Sandi White 1:00 PM
Cathy Manus-Gray 2:00 PM
Timothy Gaewsky 3:00 PM
Rosalia Rozsahegyi 4:00 PM
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