Health & Safety Guidelines  

Art Therapy Studio strives to provide a safe and welcoming space for both its visitors and client-artists alike. We acknowledge that many of the people whom we serve are immune compromised and we take the health and safety of all those who occupy our space seriously. The following guidelines take into consideration not only our treatment areas, but also the space surrounding it. Please be considerate of others with whom you share this space as you take the following guidelines into account. 

 Art Therapy Studio maintains high standards in the cleanliness of its environment.  

  • All tables and supplies are disinfected between use 

  • Client artists maintain individual bins in  

 Art Therapy Studio takes precautionary measures to ensure good health.  

  • Do not come in if you are sick 

  • Do not come in if you have had a fever or cough 

  • Do not come in if you have been exposed to COVID  

 Art Therapy Studio follows the current Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines. 

  • You are required to always wear a mask. Mask must cover your mouth & nose 

  • You are required to social distance. Chairs in hallway and seating in studio reflect the 6 feet of distance required.  

  • You are required to quarantine if you have or have been exposed to COVID  

Due to the sensitive nature of many of the client-artists that we serve, we will always lean on the side of caution in determining when to ease up with current health & safety regulations.  

 Art Therapy Studio screens all individuals before entering the treatment areas. Do not enter the treatment areas without the following protocols taking place: 

  • Temperature is taken & recorded  

  • A questionnaire is given 

  • Hand sanitizer is provided 

 Art Therapy Studio does its best to provide a clean and inviting space in the hallways outside of  

our offices and treatment areas.  

  • Please refrain from eating in the hallway 

  • If you must drink, please use a container with a lid (to prevent spillage) 

  • Remember to immediately return mask to cover both your mouth and your nose.  

 Please be aware that this hall space is a shared area in which there is a high volume of foot traffic.

  • The walls, door handles, windowsills, and floor contain germs 

  • Do not sit or lay on the floor, the floors are dirty & doing so blocks the flow of foot traffic, walkers & wheelchairs 

  • Do not move the chairs, chairs are intentionally placed to practice social distancing guidelines 

  • Wash your hands after touching surfaces and keep them away from your face, this is the best way to combat germs & infections 

 Art Therapy Studio respectfully asks that all adults maintain supervision of any minors within their company. 

  • Please always supervise children 

  • Please ensure that there is no running in the hallways 

  • Please use indoor voices so as not to distract those who are attending therapy sessions 


 Thank you for your cooperation in our effort to maintain a healthy and safe environment for both our visitors and our client-artists alike.