Please Welcome Our 2024-2025 Mickie McGraw Fellow

to Diversify the Field of Art Therapy

We are delighted to announce Eleanor Chin as the 2024-2025 recipient of the McGraw Fellowship Toward Diversity in the Field of Art Therapy. Eleanor, hailing from New York, brings a rich background in therapeutic techniques and creative expression. She looks forward to learning from the esteemed art therapists at Art Therapy Studio, anticipating that this experience will deepen her understanding and expand her skills in the field.
Eleanor is particularly excited about the fellowship opportunity to work on a groundbreaking longitudinal study of generational trauma through art therapy. This research focuses on using recycled and repurposed items to uncover new insights into how art can facilitate healing across generations. She believes this study will be invaluable and aims to integrate its findings into her pedagogy.
Eleanor also looks forward to exploring the unique cultural and artistic landscape that Cleveland has to offer. Through her journey, she hopes to inspire others to persist in their personal growth and healing. Though she has always wanted to skateboard, she now finds joy in motherhood, living vicariously through the growth and experiences it brings.
We are excited to welcome Eleanor to our community and support her in this transformative journey. Her passion and dedication align perfectly with the mission of the McGraw Fellowship, and we are confident she will make significant contributions to the field of art therapy.