Who We Are

Art Therapy Studio is a Cleveland-based nonprofit arts organization. Art therapy is universally accepted as a proven approach to healing, wellness, and self-care that carries into everyday life. Our programs strive to make art accessible, meaningful, and useful to all individuals, including those unable to participate in traditional community arts programs. Our programs include customized contracted services at area agencies, hospital-based programs, employee wellness programs, professional education workshops, and our Community Art Therapy Programs.  All of our programs have been developed around the philosophy that art making is central to healing and wellness and use the creative process of making art to improve and enhance well-being, a philosophy rooted in our origins. 

Our History

In 1967 Art Therapy Studio was co-founded by art therapist Mickie McGraw and psychiatrist George Streeter, MD (d. 2013). The idea for the studio developed out of Dr. Streeter’s and Mickie’s long-time interest in art as a healing tool, as they both dealt with serious physical illness as children. While working at Highland View Hospital, which is now part of the MetroHealth system, Dr. Streeter met Mickie and soon approached her with his idea to open an art studio in the hospital as part of the rehabilitation department. Since that point the studio continued to grow and expanded services to patients who were discharged and offered services to members of the community. By the 1990s, the studio became a freestanding nonprofit, relocating to its current Fairhill Road location. During our 50+ years of existence we have provided innovative therapeutic art programs to more than 50,000 people throughout Cuyahoga and neighboring counties in a variety of settings. 


Enhancing individuals’ quality of life through therapeutic art.

Core Values

  • Creativity: We believed in the inherent power of the creative process to make positive change.
  • Quality of Care: We are committed to providing our clients with the highest standard of credentialed art therapy.
  • Empowerment: We are all empowered to create, transform and grow.
  • Inclusiveness: We create safe, non-judgmental places where all people are respected and viewed as equals.
  • Collaboration: We value teamwork across all relationships.
  • Accountability: We maximize resources, operate with integrity, and strive for excellence to achieve the greatest impact on the communities we serve.


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