Art Therapy Studio is a non-profit organization with a 50+ year history of providing art therapy in a safe space for all people. We serve those seeking healing, wellness, and self-care, including serving individuals from historically underserved populations.  



    The art therapist guides individuals through self-evaluation to identify and develop personal goals in a safe, non-judgmental space and is trained to thoughtfully suggest art media and art therapy interventions, meeting people where they are. As a result, each participant may experience the same art therapy session differently. Our art therapists do not psychoanalyze artwork to decipher the individual’s internal struggles or to find hidden meaning in their artwork. Instead, art therapists look for potential indicators that may have a deeper significance and help the individual explore what that means to them. Art therapists aid individuals in the development of tools that promote self-reflection, mindfulness, perspective, and insight. Artmaking can be used as a metaphor for other life experiences, and how people choose to respond to them.



    • Self-care & addressing burnout 
    • Depression, anxiety and other mental health concerns 
    • Trauma/PTSD 
    • Chemical dependency 
    • Coping with medical illness and injury (TBI, Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke, Cancer, MS) 
    • Empowering people with disabilities, at-risk youth, people experiencing homelessness 
    • Phase-of-life concerns (middle age, retirement, etc.) 

    Art therapy takes into consideration that sensory communication is more universal than language, which is why art therapy may be beneficial to people who have not had success with traditional therapy. Art therapy can allow people to express thoughts, experiences, and feelings they may find difficult to talk about. In cases of emotional distress, art therapy is one tool that can help a person better regulate themselves and improve cognitive processing like planning and decision making. Art therapy is accessible and versatile, which many people with different life experiences find beneficial.

Our Mission

Enhancing the quality of life for all people through art therapy.

Our Vision

To be a leader in establishing art therapy as an acceptable, affordable, and accessible approach to healing, wellness, and self-care.   

Our History

In 1967 Art Therapy Studio was co-founded by art therapist Mickie McGraw and psychiatrist George Streeter, MD (d. 2013). The idea for the studio developed out of Dr. Streeter’s and Mickie’s long-time interest in art as a healing tool, as they both dealt with serious physical illness as children. While working at Highland View Hospital, which is now part of the MetroHealth system, Dr. Streeter met Mickie and soon approached her with his idea to open an art studio in the hospital as part of the rehabilitation department. Since that point the studio continued to grow and expanded services to patients who were discharged and offered services to members of the community. By the 1990s, the studio became a freestanding nonprofit, relocating to its current Fairhill Road location. During our 50+ years of existence we have provided innovative therapeutic art programs to more than 50,000 people throughout Cuyahoga and neighboring counties in a variety of settings.

ATS Board of Directors

Diane Weidrick, President

Chris Treu, Vice President

Nike Olabisi-Green, Secretary 

Jay Valerian, Treasurer

Maura L. Hughes

Sara Rufo

Brad Reed

Honorary Member & Co-Founder

Mary K. (Mickie) McGraw

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