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Mandala Art Therapy Workshops

“Mandala means circle in Sanskrit. The mandala design radiates out from the center. It is ancient and universal in cultures everywhere. It is the “magic circle” and has ritual and religious symbolism. Here, it is intended as a drawing meditation for centering and integrating the self. In times of confusion or stress it is a way of “collecting ones thoughts.” The Creative Journal Lucia Cappachione.

Join Art Therapist Carrie Coblentz, MA, ATR each week for these virtual stand-alone sessions where we will be creating 4 different types of mandalas, both in purpose and materials. Art materials are to be sourced by the participant.

Each session is $15 per person and pre-registration is required.


I Am…Mandala 

Wednesday July 7, 10-11:30am (register by clicking here)

Supplies Needed: Paper, magazine collage papers, markers/ colored pencils, scissors, glue


Present Moment Mandala  

Wednesday July 14, 10-11:30am (register by clicking here)

Supplies Needed: Paper, watercolors, salt


Gratitude Mandala

Wednesday July 21, 10-11:30am (register by clicking here)

 “Moment x 1” means taking one moment at a time. This session will explore things you presently need to take one moment at a time. Participants will be guided through an exercise to create an image using line, shape and color.

SuppliesAcrylic or watercolor paints, 11X 14 multimedia paper


Natural Mandala

Wednesday July 28, 10-11:30am (register by clicking here)

During this session listen to poetry and music; bring your favorite poem if you wish to share or create one of your own. Participants will be exploring what images arise from the poetry and create their image using color, shape and line.

SuppliesAcrylic or watercolor paints, color pencils, oil or chalk pastels

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Art Therapy Studio offers private workshops and one-off programs such as employee wellness workshops, staff retreats, and presentations for a fee of $400 an hour for up to 20 people, art supplies included. Our workshops are designed to meet the specific goals of each group. The art therapist will base each session to meet the appropriate developmental, cognitive, and emotional needs of the participants. Focus will be placed on emotional identification and regulation, building self-esteem, developing positive coping skills, and using art as an expressive tool. Basic art skills and techniques will be introduced to promote success in using media for self-expression. The art therapist will then expand the projects to address specific concerns through the process of making art. 

Please contact our Clinical Director Cheryl Pete at for more information and to request an Art Therapist for your next program.


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